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A small friendly community | Bakers Mills News

It is great living in a small friendly community when someone stops by it could be for a chat, bringing a loaf of homemade bread, fresh maple syrup or meals on wheels.

Boiling sap | Bakers Mills News

I think spring may be arriving.

Supper at “The Place” | Bakers Mills News

More snow. This winter that is no surprise.

Cancer Fundraiser | Bakers Mills News

March 15 is will be the yearly Cancer Fund Raiser at Athol Town Hall, in Thruman.

The price of fuel and electric | Bakers Mills News

There sure is a lot of conversation about the winter we are having and the price of fuel and electric.

Emma Parsons celebrates 94 years | Bakers Mills News

Courtney Millington took Earl Allen to Saratoga for his eye appointment.

Winter Vacation | Bakers Mills News

Many “Out of Town” Folks have been enjoying their winter vacation at many rentals in the Bakers Mills Area.

Old Man Winter | Bakers Mills News

Oliver Dalaba turned 80 on Jan 25.

Ladies Luncheon Tea | Bakers Mills News

More bad weather to talk about.

Cold weather across the nation | Bakers Mills News

Wow! We sure are having a cold snap.

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