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Bike trail | Ramblings

Recovering from a strange malady recently, I ambled up a wonderful new trail that every oldster with workable legs and a walking stick or two should try.

Japanese Knotweed eradication | Ramblings

Last call for Japanese Knotweed (aka Mexican Bamboo) eradication this year!

Tree surgeon | Ramblings

Here’s an up and coming sure thing profession of the future in the Adirondacks: tree surgeon/remover of dead trees/cutter upper of same.

Albany overnight trip | Ramblings

During a trip to Albany I recently fell on a beautiful white, but very hard, marble floor and “cracked” a rib or two.

Flying squirrels | Ramblings

It took a niece from Manhattan to notice a very rare visitor to our feeding roof (over the carport) one night recently.

Winter “irruptive” birds | Ramblings

A powerful power point show on winter “irruptive” birds brought out a crowd from far and wide to the Tannery Pond Community Center on Feb. 22 for a “Cabin Fever” lecture sponsored by the Adirondack Museum.

Tease photo

Frazil ice | River Ramblings

For winter newcomers to the Upper Hudson, and you who have not read or understood my many attempts to explain this before: That brilliant white stuff that sometimes fills the Hudson from Thurman to The Glen is not snow, and has nothing to do with it.

Trees too big to hug | Ramblings

The spectacular fall weather has finally succumbed to the season, and frazil ice has even formed in the Hudson.


As I write this on Oct. 7 I have just picked another small basket of tomatoes, zucchini and pole beans, a good month later than usual—no frost yet!


Picture newly laid black asphalt bulging up here and there, then green plants pushing on through and out to the light, ready to sprout up to six or eight feet high.

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