Are you in favor of the state's 2 percent tax cap?

Correct: Yes 4 votes


Correct: No 2 votes


Correct: Yes with mandate reduction 0 votes


Correct: Don't care 0 votes


6 total votes


woodchuck2 3 years, 10 months ago

I myself am not in favor of this tax cap. If one were to do any research you will find the tax cap does not even keep up with the cost of living raise that happens every year. This will force local Governments to cut back or eliminate services over time to keep within the tax cap. Is this what everyone wants? Look at us here in Johnsburg, we have not had any tax increase in what 3-4yrs and now there is a tax cap put in place. So how do you like the condition of the Town properties? How do you like the looks of the Town equipment traveling the public roads all rusted out. How do you like those free Barton Mine tailings covering our once asphalt covered roads? So here we are, 12-16% behind on normal tax increases and now NYS has decided to put a tax cap on our local taxes. Since when is NYS in charge of our local land tax anyway? These taxes are controlled by the Town and the County, not NYS! Is this how we take care of our Town and the properties within? Obviously our forefathers did a much better job IMO.


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