Letters to the Editor


Editorial hits the mark

Mr. Alexander, in his passionate request for Mr. Rove to “please butt out” of the 21st Congressional District race, expresses what many Americans think about the involvement of super PAC’s in our political system.

Seek response from pols

Not often small communities can celebrate a museum of national significance as the North Creek Depot Museum.

Reading a success

Our Town Theatre Group would very much like to thank those in our community who helped make our staged-reading of “Almost, Maine” a success.

Save my school

I am currently a sophomore at Minerva Central School.

Disagrees with letter

Mr. Safrany’s often snide and disparaging criticism of Denpub’s Editorial Board’s support of raising the minimum wage struck me as being quite naïve regarding the downside of pure free-market capitalism.

Support the Minerva budget

Minerva Central School is a Pre-K thru 12th Grade school that is the heart of the Olmstedville/Minerva Community.

Interesting editorial

As a school board president, it was most interesting to read your editorial regarding the affordability of school resource officers.

Fundraiser a success

“Spring Fling,” romantic memorial concert and reception to benefit the Adirondack Community Outreach Center (ACOC) took place at Tannery Pond Community Center on Saturday, May 24.

Nonprofits play a large role

The Adirondack region’s nonprofit organizations deliver services that help make this region the vibrant place that it is, and they play a critical role in supporting a healthy, diverse economy.

Thanks for saying yes

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the voters of the Long Lake Central School District for their continued support.

Proper flag protocol

With the parade season upon us, I would very much like to issue a reminder.

Upset with vote

I am an alumni of Minerva Central School and it sickens me to know that there were 142 people that were cowards, that voted to rob their kids of an education here at this iconic and historic place that is the fabric of this small town and that just makes me very angry as well.

High Peaks Hospice fundraiser

Twenty-eight years ago High Peaks Hospice was founded in Saranac Lake offering a more holistic and patient driven approach to end of life care.

No fraud in petitions

Elise Stefanik, a Republican congressional candidate, recently alleged that her primary opponent “played political – and potentially fraudulent – games” during the petitioning process.

Cartoon insulting

Your “cartoon” of John Kerry was stupid and inappropriate.