Take a hike, buddy! | Notes from the North Woods

In the current age, where everyone has instant access to everything in a moment with the simple push of a button; it’s nice to know there are still a few places left that require more of an effort.

“Summer” time | Bakers Mills News

Hard to believe we are already into June. Once we arrive at “Summer” time really will fly even faster.

Motorcycles | Bakers Mills News

Lots of motorcycles are looking forward to the events coming to Lake George.

Gray tree frogs | Ramblings

Funny thing—when I ask people if they would like to walk a trail in a certain swamp, most of them have something else to do

A treasure chest | Little Bits

Our house along the Saranac is full of memories.

May 2015 | Weather Watch

May 2015 will be remembered as a very warm month which caused many to plant earlier than Memorial Day weekend, which is the time when many here in the North Country plant their flowers and their gardens.

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The original campers | Notes from the North Woods

Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune to have traveled in the company of many highly skilled outdoor travelers.

Family & Memorial Day | Little Bits

As I sat on our back deck soaking up the ambiance of our beloved Saranac River on Memorial Day morning, I reflected on many things including what we once called Decoration Day.

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Passing down the fishing pole | Conservation Conversations

It was 25 years ago, when some fellas from Moriah got together and decided it was time do to something for the kids.

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Harold Ross, Fourth Generation Farmer

Johnsburg Historical Society

Harold Ross is a fourth generation farmer from Bakers Mills who was born in Argyle, Washington County.

Lilac bushes | Mill Creek Musings

May is a lovely time of year when the lilac bushes are in bloom.

Frost | Bakers Mills News

Frost hit the area three mornings in a row.

Mosaic Organisms | Notes from Planet Earth

Mosaics exist in places other than on the retaining walls of Main Street in North Creek and in architectural decorations found in buildings and monuments throughout the world.

April 2015 | Weather Watch

April 2015 continued a string of cooler and drier than normal weather, although not to the record setting levels of March, when both temperature and precipitation were at or near record setting low levels.

Apple Blossoms | Bakers Mills News

After some very warm weather had a few days when it was cooler.