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Intrigue hangs over Owls Head as authorities tighten noose

As authorities zero in on the trail of the convicted killers in this remote swath of Franklin County, residents sound off on unanswered questions and the spectacle of it all.

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State police confirm that cabin in Owls Head is subject of investigation

Corrections officer on administrative leave

Sixteen days into the search for the escaped convicts, evidence gathered by investigators indicates the two may have spent time in Owls Head, N.Y.

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Hunt for escaped prisoners heats up in Allegany County

Authorities are mobilizing in Allegany County following a possible sighting of the pair of murderers who escaped from Clinton Correctional earlier this month.

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Authorities urge public to be ready for the “long haul” in hunt for inmates

Two weeks after a pair of killers used power tools to burrow their way out of a maximum security prison, authorities are bracing the public to dig in for the long haul.

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Ti car chase ends in manhunt, apparent suicide

Incident not part of “other” manhunt in area

A car chase which turned into a manhunt ended with the discovery of a body in the early morning hours of June 18.

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Warren County Sheriff: two men charged with hate crimes for shots fired incident

Two Luzerne men allegedly shouted homophobic slurs and fired at two men walking hand-in-hand down a Luzerne street with an automatic BB pistol, racking up four felonies and four misdemeanors apiece.

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DA confirms Mitchell husband murder plot

Reports that Joyce Mitchell conspired to kill her husband are true, Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie said on Wednesday.

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Police to expand search for Sweat and Matt

The New York State Police today announced today that the search for escaped inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat is expanding and shifting to other areas surrounding Dannemora.

DA: Mitchell may face more charges

Joyce Mitchell may face additional charges as the investigation into last week’s prison escape continues, said authorities following the prison staffer’s arraignment this morning.

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Ongoing search sparks skittishness, but also bright spots of humanity

As the hunt for the escaped inmates enters its second week, residents are adjusting to a new normal — wariness speckled with bright spots of hospitality.

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Mitchell gave escaped inmates hacksaw, chisels

According to a criminal complaint, Joyce Mitchell “knowingly and unlawfully” brought contraband and tools to Richard Matt and David Sweat “on or about” May 1.

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Warren Co. court expansion plans approved; $16.5 million in financing endorsed

For many years, Warren County courts have been overloaded with cases and space to conduct proceedings have been woefully insufficient — not only decreasing efficiency but putting citizen's safety at risk — Now, Warren County leaders have committed to address the problem with a $16.5 million construction and renovation plan.

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Search for convicts continues in Cadyville

As the sun set on the sixth day of the search for two escaped convicts, authorities continued to comb through a heavily forested area along a stretch of Route 3, just south of Dannemora.

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Police attempting to 'flush out' escaped murderers

A massive search is currently ongoing in Cadyville as police attempt to locate escaped killers David Sweat and Richard Matt who they believe are cornered inside a sealed-off perimeter.

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Police retain heavy presence in Willsboro, Dannemora as manhunt continues

Authorities continue to retain a sizable presence in Dannemora and Willsboro in the search for the two escaped cons. Authorities say they'll continue to investigate every lead.