What is your favorite book, and why should other people read it?

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Kinckerbocker’s Kindergarten class

Lexi Sharp: “My favorite books are princess books. Princesses are for girls.”

Marley Lewis: “I like the book Rio, because the bluebirds in it think they are the only bluebirds in the future. You should read it because there are two versions in it.”

Craig Ward: “I like books about SpongeBob. I think other people would like them, too.”

Rowan Olesheski: “I have two favorite books. I like the Magic Treehouse chapter books, and I like Jurassic Park. The Magic Treehouse books are good because they are adventurous. Jurassic Park is scary, because it has dinosaurs.”

Haley Mosher: “My favorite book is Barney, because he’s my favorite character. I would tell someone else to read it, because I can’t read it and need help.”

Hawk Millington: “I like four wheeler books. I like four wheelers, and I think you would like them too.”

Chase Denno: “I like four wheeler books. Other people should read four wheeler books so they can learn how to drive one.”

Noah Bennett: “I like Ninja Turtles. You should read it because it is so cool and awesome.”

Ember Monroe: “My favorite book is Curious George. You should read it because I like it, and you might like it, too.”

Sadie Porter: “I like the story Charlotte because it’s nice. It’s fun.”

Maeghan McKinney: “I love books about princesses because I like princesses.”

Stephen Millington: “I like reading about dinosaurs. You should read a dinosaur book dinosaur books are cool.”

Bailey Brown: “I like The Grouchy Ladybug. You should read it because it’s about telling time, and it’s funny.”

Johnsburg Central School, Mrs. Flanagan’s Kindergarten. Brendan Kimbrell: “My favorite books are Ninja Turtle books because they are cool. Ninja Turtles are funny.”

Carly Davis: “My favorite books to read are about animals because they are pretty. I like horses. Horses are my favorite.”

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