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Hope everyone had a great Independence Day. Despite the heat and rain the weather changed for the events in the areas. Lots of Picnics and Barbecues.

Some of this will be old news. Sorry I missed last week.

I had to have laser on my left eye recently. Arlene Ordway took me.

Elwin Austin is in the hospital. Lynn Davis has been in Glens Falls Hospital recently. Hudson Dunkley had to have surgery on Thursday July 3. in New York City. Yanden Cleveland had to go to the eye doctor last week. Will have to have glasses.

Kora Millington was very pleased to have her Grandpa Clarence Davenport who is in his 90’s and her great grandpa Earl Allen who is 89 at the graduation party.

George and Erin Dunkley were pleased to have his mom fly here for the graduation of Jessica Morehouse and to go to New York City Hospital with Hudson. Grandma Cheryl Greenholtz was there also. And grandpa, Howard and Seth and Lois Dunkley.

Dan Moore and family came to the graduation party for Dyan Moore and enjoyed a weeks vacation.

Alonzo Conlon and sons, Aaron and Ian, enjoyed going to many places in the Newcomb area on Saturday.

So sorry to hear that Alice Zahniser had a massive stroke on June 19. She just turned 96, What a great lady. She and her family have been coming to Bakers Mills since the 1940’s. Hope the family will continue.


July 9 at 6 p.m. there will be youth night at the Sodom Community ages 12 and up.

July 13 there will be a celebration at the Sodom Community Church. After the morning worship there will be a picnic. 70 years ago Daisy Allen was able to reopen the church that she said were the good people at Sodom. Because of her illness and death Ron Allen started preaching in April of 1999. Everyone is welcome.

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