What is your least favorite food, and why don’t you like it?

Minerva Central School

Miss Gereau, Grade 5

“My least favorite food is chicken wings. I don’t like chicken wings because they make my mouth burn, my lips sting, and my eyes water. I also don’t like them because they have bones in them so when I bite into it I bite the bone.” (Audra Fish)

“My least favorite food is eggs. I don’t like them because they make my stomach hurt. Every time I eat them I feel sick. I will only eat them if t hey are mixed with other food like cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.” (Jasmine Jenks)

“My least favorite food is onions. The texture makes me gag, yuck!” (Lucas Vogel)

“My least favorite food is corn. I don’t like the taste to it. It tastes like water with rubber in it.” (Vince Charbonneau)

Minerva Central School

Mrs. Williford, Kindergarten

“I don’t like tomatoes because they’re a little bit sour.” (Katelin McNally)

“I don’t like jalapenos because they are disgusting and hot.” (Caitlin Wamsley)

“I don’t like vegetables because they’re gross!” (Alex Mather)

“I don’t like rice because my mom puts peppers in it.” (James Fish)

“I don’t like old food that’s in the refrigerator because it would make you sick.” (Thomas Bell)

“I don’t like pineapples because they are sweet and I don’t like sweetness.” (Hayden Taylor)

Minerva Central School

Ms. Cleveland, Pre-kindergarten

“I had peas when I was three and I liked them, but I don’t know anymore!” (Halle LaBrecque)

“I don’t like spinach, but I’ve never tried it before.” (Erin Savarie)

“I don’t like tomatoes!” (Sage Bayse)

“I don’t liked smashed cheese!” (Raenna Pratt)

“I don’t like vegetable soup!” (Kaitlyn Jenks)

“I don’t like carrots!” (Camran Morehouse)

“I don’t like beans!” (Macaylin Taylor)

“I don’t like carrots!” (Claire Fish)

Johnsburg Central School

Ms. Knickerbocker, Kindergarten

“I don’t like hot dogs, because hot dogs taste like meat too much. I only like meat a little bit.” (Lillian SanAntonio)

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