If you found a magic lamp and had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Urbonowicz, Pre-K

“I would wish for an oven, a fan, and an eagle.” (Carly Davis)

“I would wish for Lillian Hunter, mushrooms, and Nemo.” (Ember Monroe)

“I would wish for a puppy, a cat, and a house.” (Haley Masher)

“I would wish to be a princess, get a horse and get a pig.” (Hannah Sharp)

“I would wish for a hunting game, a new TV, and a new dinosaur book.” (Hawk Millington)

“I would wish for a soccer ball, a police outfit, and a Mike the Knight sword.” (Jack Pelletier)

“I would wish or a kitty cat, a puppy dog, and a hound dog.” (Keegan Mottran)

“I would wish for a toy building school, a pool and a real kitty cat.” (Lexi Sharp)

“I would wish for a bunny, hamsters, and a cat.” (Lucia Williams)

“I would wish for a snowmobile, a 4-wheeler, and a dirt bike.” (Mason Wing)

“I would wish for a snowmobile, a trip to the beach, and my own camera.” (Peyton Lawrence)

“I would wish for a magic wand, a hunting game, and a dog named buster.” (Rowan Olesheski)

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Knickerbocker, Kindergarten

“I would wish for a dog. I would wish that my cat would have kittens, and I would wish that I had a good place to play, like a nice playground.” (Aiden Lipps)

“I would wish for a kitten, a puppy, and a garden, because I like to grow things.” (Vasanti Collins)

“I would wish for a horse, because they’re cool. I would also like a snowmobile and I would like a chainsaw to cut down a tree with.” (Liam McGowin)

“I would wish for a pony. I would wish that video games were, and I would wish that my cat was still alive.” (Hayden Benham)

“I wish I had a rabbit, I wish I had a baby boy, and I wish for a baby girl.” (Hunter Monroe)

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