What is your least favorite food, and why don’t you like it?

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Watson, Grade 3

“My least favorite food is squash. I don’t like it because I don’t like the taste of it. It smells bad. It looks gross. It looks weird to me because it is orange.” (Eli Burkhardt)

“My least favorite food is spinach because it tastes soggy and slimy. Plus, I do not like most vegetables. It also is green, wet, and tastes weird.” (Zachariah Morehouse)

“My least favorite food is clams. I don’t like clams because they are from the ocean.” (Colby Baker)

“My least favorite food is squash. I don’t like squash because it tastes bad to me. The yellow part on the squash looks weird. The squash smells disgusting. Squash looks good to eat, but tastes gross to me.” (Madison Buck)

“My least favorite food is spinach. I don’t like it because it is slimy. It tastes gross.” (Rodney Wolfe )

“My least favorite food is mayo. I don’t like it. Way too sweet. It also tastes slimy. It tastes horrible!” (Madison Vaus)

“My least favorite food is spinach. I do not like spinach. I do not think it tastes very good and it is not very appealing. Also, it does not look good. Lastly it looks like seaweed! EEEWWWWWW!!!!!! (Aleesha Washburn)

“My least favorite food are Brussels sprouts because Brussels sprouts are cabbage and I do not like cabbage and they stink.” (Gage Morris)

“My least favorite food is mayonnaise. I don’t like mayonnaise because it smells really bad and it spoils my stomach. It’s gooey and it makes me throw up. It looks weird.” (Samuel Porter)

“My least favorite food is onions because I do not like the taste of onions. They are disgusting in soups.” (Ian Heid)

“My least favorite food is turkey because it is not juicy like prime rib. Prime ribs are juicy and ham too. Turkey is at Thanksgiving time. That’s when I get to eat my own stuff. Turkey has no taste and it is chewy.” (Harley Dick)

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