Dinner with Carol Gregson, author of the new memoir, ‘Wet Socks’

Carol Gregson listens patiently to her #3 son, Kent, while she tries to wash asparagus for dinner on April 20.

Carol Gregson listens patiently to her #3 son, Kent, while she tries to wash asparagus for dinner on April 20. Photo by Andy Flynn.

— On the menu was stroganoff, fried asparagus, salad, sweet knots, rice for the rice people, and noodles for the noodle people. Dessert was lemon pie.

“My #1 daughter had married a very amiable engineer who will do most anything for me if I make him a lemon pie,” wrote Carol Gregson in her second memoir, “Wet Socks,” published through Bloated Toe Enterprises and set to be released during a party at the Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls Thursday, May 2. Her first memoir, “Leaky Boots,” was published in 2003.

The amiable engineer, Rich Moss, wasn’t required to do anything for his lemon pie Saturday, April 20, just agree to have dinner with his wife Kris, mother-in-law, #3 son Kent and partner Daisy Kelley, me and my wife Dawn. It was an enjoyable evening with home-cooked food, Adirondack beer, boxed red wine and plenty of stories to fill the old farmhouse in Olmstedville.

Carol was an art teacher at the Johnsburg Central School, and she’s an artful storyteller with a witty sense of humor. Her illustrations and stories — collected over 87 years — fill this 228-page book, her second and final one.

“It started out as a cookbook, but then I got carried away,” Carol said to my wife as she thumbed through the pages.

The recipes for sweet knots, cranberry bread and Grandmother’s Chili Sauce are lumped into Section 5, “What’s Cookin’?” She also talks about making stroganoff in the “Take a Can of Mushroom Soup” essay and puts beef on a pedestal in “The Lowly Meatball.”

“Of course, since Greg died, there’s no more venison,” Carol wrote in the mushroom soup essay. “I don’t know why I haven’t raised any hunters, but beef is good, and stroganoff is always a good dish for sharing with friends.”

In the front of my book, Carol signed the title page and drew an illustration of herself holding a glass of wine and the word, “Cheers!” That’s a word authors use from time to time when we personalize a book to a friend we’d enjoy having a drink with. I’ve known Carol for years, swapping a few words here and there at the Adirondack Authors Night at Hoss’s Country Corner in Long Lake. I’d see her when peddling my “Adirondack Attic” books under the big, red tent.

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ThePersistent 2 years, 3 months ago

Carol Gregson is a terrific story teller! Her book, "Leaky Boots", was great, and her CD "The Pottersville Complainer" was hilarious! I look forward to reading "Wet Socks!" Leo Kellogg


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