Think beyond partisan politics November 6

Partisan politics are not only confusing and frustrating and apparently infinite, but they seem to defeat the purpose of meaningful change.

And it appears, talking to many people around the North Country, policies and plans and specifics and ideas linked to outcomes matter little when it comes to that never-ending battle of Republican versus Democrat.

Can President Obama turn the economy around, heal the nation and repair the many things the people point out are broken?

Or would Romney be better suited for the job?

It doesn’t appear it really matters and, if that is the case, do outcomes or change really mean anything?

Individual campaign volunteers – Republican and Democrat – reported that while making calls for their respectable candidates, they were met with either, “Thanks for calling and I will definitely vote for -----,” or “I would rather die than vote -----.”

But wait, isn’t it the individuals and his or her ideas that matter?

If Romney were a Democrat would Republicans suddenly despise him and all he stands for?

Would Obama be tossed to the curb with the trash by Democrats if he suddenly transformed into a Republican?

Some might say no, and for some that is most definitely the truth. But for many, or so it seems from conversations, interviews and testimonials of operatives on both sides, the party decides the vote.

If that is the case, then it would seem if Romney were elected and indeed turned the country around for everyone, Democrats would remain miserable.

Likewise, if Obama is granted a second term and succeeds where many say he has failed, Republicans would be angry and unfulfilled.

Then that would mean if Romney wins and fails and the state of affairs in the country deteriorates, Republicans would be thrilled still, because their Republican won.

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