If you could choose any animal for a class pet, what would you choose and why?

Johnsburg Central

Mrs. Urbonowicz’s Pre-K

“I would choose a hamster because I like them.” (Lucia Williams)

“I would choose an elephant because I like elephants.” (Alissa Bennett)

“I would choose a guinea pig because I like them.” (Amari Trent)

“I would choose an elephant because I want one here.” (Brendan Kimbrell.

“I would choose and elephant because I like elephants.” (Cherise Gray)

“I would choose a pig because I like them and they’re my favorite color.” (Hannah Sharp)

“I would choose a squirrel because that’s my pet.” (Keegan Mottram)

“I would choose a guinea pig because I want it for my pet.” (Lexi Sharp)

“I would choose a giraffe because it’s my favorite pet.” (Mason Wing)

“I would choose my dog because she won’t bite.” (Peyton Lawrence)

“I would choose a deer because maybe he’s nice.” (Rowan Olesheski)

“I would choose a little, furry baby cat because it will lick.” (Sadie Porter)

“I would choose a real monkey because I like that they eat bananas and I like to eat bananas.” (Walter Hodgson)

“I would choose a cow because it goes ‘moo moo.’” (Maeghan McKinney)

“I would choose a dog because I like dogs.” (Marley Lewis)

“I would choose a bird because I want it.” (Stephen Millington)

Johnsburg Central

Mrs. Flanagan’s Kindergarten

“I want a dog because dogs are great.” (Tristin Secor)

“I would want a cat because they are good.” (Adriana Washburn)

“I would want a bunny because they are pretty.” (Kayla Gonyo)

“I would want a parakeet because they can fly and they’re great.” (Ariana Harvey)

“I want a dog because they are pretty.” (Riley Sprague)

“I would want a dog because I like them and they cuddle with me.” (Mason Englert)

“I would want a cat because I have a cat at home.” (Eric Mason)

“I would want a puppy because it would lick me.” (Bailey Brown)

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