Indian Lake cell tower could be 'lit' by end of year

Indian Lake Town Hall

Indian Lake Town Hall Photo by John Grybos.

— Ever since mid-May when Indian Lake Town Supervisor Brian Wells announced that Verizon had given a contract to Baron Utilities Corporation of Albany to erect a cell tower on Tower Hill, the project has been at the front of the minds of all who live in the town.

The recent rafting tragedy has also served to highlight the even more important need to introduce the modern communications benefits of cell service to the town of Indian Lake.

Even though there was no end date given by Verizon or its sub-contractor, Baron Utilities, the hopes were high that the tower would be erected and possibly even activated by the end of the summer. Well, the summer has come and gone and Wells reports that he has had trouble getting his telephone inquiries responded to by Don Alloco, Vice President of Baron Utilities. He had reported on a couple of occasions that there were problems with failing anchor points and that some new pressurized concrete methods were going to be tried in order to get the project moving forward.

After four trips to the tower site (one with Supervisor Wells) and not finding any visible progress being made, this reporter decided to do some follow through.

Upon contacting Don Alloco of Baron Utilities on Oct. 23 by telephone, I said that on several trips to the tower work site there appeared to be little, if any, progress toward getting the tower erected. When asked for an explanation of why progress appears to have come to a standstill, Alloco refused to comment and suggested that Verizon be contacted. When asked for the name and contact information of the person to whom he reports at Verizon, Alloco again refused to comment or provide any information.

Contacting Verizon directly, I spoke with spokesman John O’Malley, who seemed familiar with the project, knew that the tower was physically at the site and explained that the holdup was caused by unexpected difficulties at the site. He said problems seemed to be resolved, and that Verizon targeted the tower to be erected within two weeks.

From there, the process of bringing power to the tower will begin. Having seen reports that towers were being erected and not being “lit,” I pressed O’Malley for a service date. He said the end of the year was targeted by Verizon to have the tower delivering service, providing no further construction or weather difficulties are encountered.

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