What is your favorite thing about the end of the school year?

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Knickerbocker’s kindergarten

“I like the end of kindergarten because we’ve been learning how to count money.” (Lilian Monroe)

“I like it that it’s hot out and I can go swimming at Minerva Beach when I’m not at school.” (Levi Neal)

“I like it that I’m going to be in first grade next year. I’m sad to be leaving kindergarten soon, because I love being in Mrs. Knickerbocker’s class.” (Katelyn Tennyson)

“I’m sad that school is ending because I like going to music.” (Helena Batha)

“I like that it’s nice out and we can go outside for gym.” (Corbin DeGroat)

“I like that it’s almost summer vacation.” (Tristan Millington)

“I don’t want school to be over because it’s fun being in kindergarten. We do lots of fun things in kindergarten.” (Scott Patton)

“I am looking forward to moving to North Carolina. We will get to hunt for gold and steal chicken eggs there.” (Harley Caunter)

“I am happy that it’s almost summer, and maybe we can buy a new pool.” (Kayla Gonyo)

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Flanagan’s kindergarten

“I like working on math.” (Cadence LaVergne)

“My favorite thing is to learn how to write and read.” (Alex Butler)

“I like seeing my friends getting along.” (Brian Burkhardt)

“I like getting to see my friends a lot.” (Mackenzie Mulligan)

“I like going outside and playing with my friends.” (Cole Sears)

“I like recess and playing with my friends.” (Aidan Perez)

“I like snack time because we sometimes eat cupcakes.” (Deszeray Moffitt)

“I like rest time because you get all rested up for first grade!” (Orlando Conlon)

“I like it because we get to go outside for recess.” (Caroline Williams)

“I like playing outside because it’s sunny out.” (Alesha Johnston)

“I like snack time and movies.” (Nate Robinson)

“I like watching movies because videos make me tired and I can sleep when I get home.” (Hayden Baker)

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