Untended gardens and YouthWorks

I have been away for many weeks this spring and early summer and my gardens have gotten overgrown.

Gardens are kind of like life; if we ignore our responsibilities, they get out of hand. Nature takes over. I guess the reason that I love gardening so much is that it teaches me about life and there is always something to learn. It is never dull.

Youth Works is here! YouthWorks kids are wonderful. They come from all over the U.S. and pay to sleep on the floor of a church and take showers in the oddest of places just to help out communities like ours. They have been coming for seven years and have painted houses and churches, built gardens, weeded, helped at the nursing home, worked with kids club and helped the elderly with odd jobs. They are fun, interesting and hard working. They have cleared trails for DEC and worked at Gore.

They do it with enthusiasm and good will. When they are done, they thank the person that is there with them for letting them help. They are amazing. If you have a need, contact the Town Hall and get a work order. Maybe you will be lucky enough to have them come help you out.

The Ski Bowl Garden is looking wonderful, thanks to the kids. There are roses in bloom and the butterfly weed is gorgeous. There are daises, bee balm, lilies and so much color right now. The globe thistle is ready to bloom and all of our annuals are starting to look healthy. The trees that we put in as babies are now offering shade. If you have a moment in your hectic day, stop over for a swing on the swing, take a break from the rat race of life, and enjoy.

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